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Welcome to Elite PVC Fencing Melbourne – the home of premium-quality PVC fences that are tested and proven for impact-resistance, eco-friendly, UV resistant, and graffiti resistant. When you choose our company, you are guaranteed to get a 15-year warranty on our products and services, as well as expert delivery and installation. 

Since PVC fencing has such a wide range of benefits for large or small applications, it has become a popular choice for residential and commercial use. Whether for balustrades, picket fencing, privacy fencing, pool fencing, or other home or commercial fencing uses, there is a PVC fencing solution that will perfectly suit even the most unique style and colour to fit your needs.

If you are planning to have a fencing installation project but are not quite sure about what fencing material you are buying, you might want to consider PVC fencing. There are plenty of reasons why choosing PVC fencing is a great option, and the following are among them: 


Long-lasting PVC fencing isn’t subject to rot, warping, cracking, rust, or termites. Once your PVC fence is installed, you will have the peace of mind that you will never have to consider replacing rotting posts for fences ever again.

Little Maintenance

PVC fencing is virtually maintenance-free, and you will never have to repaint or restain your PVC fencing since it never chips or fades. You will want to wash it occasionally with water to keep it looking new.

Economic Choice

PVC fence is a cost-effective fencing solution. Not only is PVC affordable, but it becomes even cheaper over time because it lasts much longer than other materials and needs little maintenance or repair.

Many Options

PVC fencing offers a large selection of styles. Whether you’re trying to find privacy fencing panels, semi-private panels, picket fencing, or perhaps rural fencing, you will be able to find it in PVC.

Easy Installation

PVC fencing is straightforward to install. The posts, rails, and pickets are designed to exact specifications, removing the necessity for extensive measuring and cutting.

Reason To Choose Elite PVC Fencing Melbourne as Your PVC Fence Expert:

  • Fast Delivery

Our fencing systems are packed securely to avoid damages and possible movements in the delivery. Our warehouse is in Melbourne, which shortens our supply times. Custom orders can still take some time to prepare, but time frames will be provided upon quote. We deliver on time and schedule.

  • Accurate Installation

We lead a team of licensed professional installers who can complete your fence installation in a very timely manner. We have processes in place to reduce and negate any problems before, during, and after installing your PVC fence system. Our team is experienced with common install difficulties, including uneven ground and architecturally unique homes. We strive for excellence in all we do, and customer satisfaction and feedback are of utmost importance. 

  • Multiple Colour Options

Elite PVC Fencing Melbourne offers a lot of colour options for our clients to choose from. This allows them to match their PVC fences with their current residential or commercial theme.


    • Years of Industry Experience

    Since we have been in this industry for over 12 years, we possess the technical expertise to supply quality PVC products to a world standard. Our PVC fences are made and designed with ultraviolet inhibitors and impact resistance features to ensure long-term durability and adaptability to weather in even the harshest climates throughout Australia.

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    Elite PVC Fencing Melbourne has been supplying quality PVC Fencing at the fairest price to the Australian market. When you choose us, you will get professional, fast, and quality results and more: 

    · We have catered to the needs of commercial and residential businesses all over Melbourne;

    · We have a long list of happy clients including, restaurants, rural properties and farms, markets, and countless residential properties;

    · We guarantee service promptness;

    · We only use quality fencing materials;

    · We make sure to clean up after completion

    Why Select PVC As Material for Your Fence

    PVC fences offer the following advantages when used as a residential or commercial fencing installation:




    Strong Support


    Safe Components

    Resistant to termites and other pests

    Hassle-Free Maintenance


    Adds a prestigious look to your property

    Elite PVC is your one-stop destination for PVC fence installation for your residential or commercial property. call us today.


    PVC Picket Fence

    Our world-class PVC picket fences have proven to be the best at withstanding harsh weather conditions. Not only that, they are cost-effective, easy to put in, versatile, and visually appealing. Elite PVC delivers from our warehouse everywhere in Melbourne and nearby locations. Our white PVC fence also comes in other colors to accommodate your preferences, style, and more.

    Privacy PVC Fence

    When it involves residential boundary fences, you would wish for a sturdy fence at a price that suits your budget. But once you consider installing a new or replacement fence for your home or business, there are plenty more things or factors you should consider before you start, such as:

    The purpose of your PVC fence;

    The look and design of your fence;

    The distance or linear meters of your property borders;

    Whatever your situation, our team can measure and quote for your desired outcome.

    Semi-Privacy PVC Fence

    PVC Semi-Privacy fences look great and come in many custom designs. They are the perfect mix of full privacy while still offering airflow and light through. Ideal for gardens or patios. You can choose from different spacing options and design features. Some property owners desire an appealing feature fence, while some prefer a low-profile fence to showcase more of their yard or not obstruct views. 

    PVC Post and Rail

    Here at Elite, our PVC post and rail fencing guarantees you the safest and most sturdy solution to make sure that your horses and other precious livestock remain safe on your property. We regularly receive feedback from owners that have seen fewer fence-related injuries to the livestock and animals. Traditional fences can easily cause splintering and choking to animals and are also much easier to crack, warp or rust over time. Our company understands that taking care of your treasured livestock is vital when deciding what fencing to put in. We offer a wide selection of safe and secure solutions to suit your needs which will also increase aesthetics.

      Premium PVC Gates

      Elite PVC Fencing Melbourne supplies matching gates to enhance your choice of fence. Gates, like our fences, are very customisable and in terms of look and style. We also offer automated fences or hinged for driveways and simple pedestrian access gates.

      PVC Fencing Company

      We are passionate about installing PVC gates that meet your needs. Our experience, skills, and passion make us truly confident that you will be satisfied with our installations for several years to come. Our quality craftsmanship remains unparalleled, and you can guarantee that all of our fences are carefully designed and installed. Our company sources and provides only the best quality of materials for each job, irrespective of how large or small, and we can meet all of your project specifications. 

      Frequently Asked Questions
      Is PVC fencing expensive in Australia?

      We have a wide selection of PVC fences to suit any budget. The cost of PVC fencing comes down to the design and size of the fence. Standard prices for PVC fencing in Melbourne can differ greatly depending on the quality of the materials and workmanship. We offer a free measure and no-obligation quote and will try to work within your set budget. 

      Keep in mind that PVC is a longer-lasting and maintenance-free fence solution, which means that on top of it being an affordable price, you will also continually save on maintenance fees like painting and repairing. 

      Does PVC fencing last in Australia?

      If properly maintained, a vinyl fence can last for many decades up to 30 years in many cases, which is longer than wood. Woods can only last half as long, and there could be plenty of maintenance repairs and replacements in between. 

      PVC is an ideal option for property owners in terms of the custom options, overall costs, curb appeal, ease of installation, and the quality of the fencing materials. 

      Is PVC fencing any good?

      There are many benefits to PVC over other fencing products. Because PVC needs little maintenance, upfront expenses do not compare to long-term savings. It only requires you to wipe it with a damp cloth every few weeks, and it will look as good as new. 

      PVC fences are UV resistant and can retain their colour for a very long time. They are also resistant to warping, rotting, and corrosion. PVC vinyl fences are available in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Talk to our team and select a style that suits you.

      Which is the best: PVC or vinyl fence?

      Vinyl and PVC are often used interchangeably, but the reality is that these two materials don’t seem to be identical. Vinyl is a type of ethane, which is related to ethylene-based compounds. On the other hand, PVC is a variety of vinyl and is one of the foremost popular construction materials. PVC stands for vinyl resin and is comparatively inexpensive. PVC was created accidentally when flasks of vinyl chloride were exposed to direct sunlight. PVC, in time, is formed in a lab via a process called polymerization, involving many complex chemical reactions. You can find PVC vinyl fences in a lot of countries due to the affordable prices. PVC is a contractor favorite because it’s easy to install looks great. 

      Is PVC fencing cheaper than wood?

      Vinyl is more expensive upfront, but the upkeep of wood makes it pricier over time. Per linear meter of uninstalled wood fencing is relatively inexpensive, but a wood fence will require tedious maintenance and repairs or replacements of boards as they warp or rot. PVC, on the other hand, is maintenance-free. PVC fences can withstand harsh weather, way better than wood fences. Also, while wood fences rot and can be infested with insects, PVC fences do not. It won’t warp or fade and will essentially look as new for decades to come, as long as it is cleaned as required.

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